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Why choose Zappex?

Zappex is incorporated and has its HQ in Denmark.
We have branches in Sweden, Norway and Holland


Easy ordering, ensuring that the coins are delivered to a Wallet of your choosing

Safe Vault system

Our system is fully automated and encrypted making it safe to use anywhere on PC, phone or tablet.

Fast delivery

We deliver your coins within 1 hour after receiving payment, (Open every day 9-22)

Customer service

We listen to any suggestions our customers have, we are constantly trying to improve the experience for users on our site.

How does it work?

The 5 steps of ordering crypto currency



Fill out the empty fields
name, e-mail etc.



Confirm your wallet address, name and telephone number



Follow the instructions on the page and pay the order.



We deliver your order within 1 hour from receipt of payment (Opening hours 9-22)



Your order has been processed and sent to your wallet.

Buy coins

Choose payment method below, at the moment
we offer bank transfer and credit card payment.

What is Bitcoin?

Watch a small video explaining about Bitcoin

Who are we?

Zappex consist of a team experienced in the field of crypto currency. We are driven by a passion of the opportunities and worldwide improvements which the block-chain technology is bringing into the world. Zappex is involved in the first real crypto mining farm in Denmark. Zappex is a contributor to the global hashrate and block-chain.


In the world of crypto currency, a wallet is the equivalent of a bank account. You can install a wallet locally on your computer or choose a Cloud Wallet like Coinbase, XAPO, E-Coin, Cryptopay etc. We recommend a person with limited knowledge of wallets and block-chain technology to choose a cloud/online wallet, since the security is then handled by professionals.
No. Our system will check if the Wallet address is valid and exists. We always recommend that you double check your Wallet address in order to avoid mistakes.
No, you cannot cancel your purchase once you have received your Coins. We are selling a financial service which price depends on the exchange rate in the moment of the purchase.

I case you do regret your purchase, please contact us ASAP, perhaps we can still stop the order.
Our system is fully automated, it secures the coins at the exchange rate available once your payment arrives in our account. We promise delivery within 1 hour of receiving your payment (within our opening hours).

We normally deliver in a matter of minutes, but due to the nature of the block chain, it can take up to 24 hours before the coins are showing in your wallet. Especially on days of large fluctuation, congestion in the block chain can occur.

Please make sure to fill in your order number if paying by bank transfer.

Zappex is not responsible for any loss occurred in the time between order placement and receipt of payment. The exchange rate on the website is not your final rate. The rate is locked once we receive payment of your order.
Zappex does not offer any kind of tax or financial advice.

We recommend the you consult with a certified tax or financial advisor for any questions you might have on the subject.
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