Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase

24 May, 2018

"Terms of purchase and sale of crypto coins"

Last updated: 20.11.2017


1.1. General Terms and Conditions for Use of Zappex www.zappex.com. These terms apply when you shop at www.zappex.com.
1.2. By purchasing or selling coins from www.zappex.com, you agree to agree with the "Terms and Conditions for Purchasing and Selling Crypto Coins". If you do not agree with the terms, you can not shop at www.zappex.com. We recommend that you save or print a copy of the terms of your archives.
1.3 If we can not verify the identity of the buyer in advance through a recognized and publicly available telephone directory, we allow the right to ask the buyer for identification including both image ID and address ID.
1.4. The terms will come into effect the moment you shop at www.zappex.com.
1.5. Seller may change, delete or add to the Terms at any time and at its sole discretion. Such changes will be effective when the revised conditions are posted on the website



2.1. Purchase, sale and possession of crypto coins and trade in digital or virtual commodities, goods or products are associated with high risk. By using our services, you warrant and warrant that you understand the risks associated with crypto coins and digital or virtual commodities, goods or products.
2.2. If you want to buy or sell coins from us, you must place your order on our order page. On the order page you can either choose the required amount of coins or the amount you want to buy or sell coins for. We do not guarantee that you will receive a certain amount of coins for your specified amount.
2.3. By submitting your order you can see an approximate number of coins / fiat currencies you will receive. The course is obtained from third parties (a stock exchange). If you agree with the approximate rate, you must make a payment. The final rate for your purchase or sale depends on when the payment is registered with us, and whether the user can already be verified either via. a recognized public phone register, or uploaded documents on the website.
2.4. The longer you wait with the payment for your order, the greater the risk that the rate will change in relation to the time of booking. By accepting these terms, you agree to assume the risk of fluctuations in the price and the final value of the item.
2.5. You must pay the exact amount indicated on your order. You agree that the amount of coins / fiat delivered may differ from the order to the delivery date, depending on the course development.
2.6. The current available payment methods are: SEPA transfer, international bank transfer, local bank transfer (Instant Transfer), Visa and Master Card.
2.7. You must enter full payment information. If payment information is incorrect, we will return the payment back to you and deduct all bank charges.
2.8. You will need a valid email address that we are able to contact you with.
2.9. You must enter a valid wallet address because the transaction is impossible to stop or make invalid. If you give us an invalid / incorrect Wallet address, your coins may never end in your Wallet. Seller is not responsible in such cases and your money will not be refunded.
2.10. After successful payment we will Automatically purchase the corresponding amount of coins for the customer's paid amount according to the price on recognized exchanges.
2.11. Prices of crypto coins are volatile and subject to financial markets. You acknowledge that the price or value can change quickly. Zappex can not guarantee its value.
2.12. It is your responsibility to determine which, if any, taxes are the responsibility of the purchase and it is your responsibility to collect, report the correct tax to the relevant tax authority. Seller is not responsible for determining whether taxes apply to your transaction, or to collection, reporting resulting from any transaction.
2.13. After purchase, Zappex will send you an invoice regarding your purchase.
2.14. As crypto coins are limited in the offer, Zappex reserves the right to cancel your order if no stock is available or if the order can not be completed for other reasons. You agree that Zappex will not be liable for your loss in such cases.
2.15. Zappex will refund the entire purchase price to you if an order is canceled.
2.16. Zappex wants to prevent money laundering as well as fraud, and may at any time, before an order is made, ask you to identify yourself as a customer. Any capital losses that may occur during the time it takes you to forward the requested identification, you agree to assume you upon acceptance of these terms and conditions.
2.17. Although you have previously submitted documents for identification, Zappex is entitled to request new documents if the previously submitted documents are no longer adequate. Zappex decides whether the submitted documents are sufficient for the execution of the placed order.



3.1. Crypto coins are delivered by Zappex
3.2. Your purchased amount of coins will be delivered to your wallet address that you specified when ordering.
3.3. After the transfer of the coins / fiat currency you will be provided with extracts from the transaction.
3.4. You should be able to access your purchased coins / fiat currency within 48 hours (usually much faster) after delivery and the transaction has been confirmed.
3.5. Purchased coins are considered as delivered at the moment the transaction becomes available on the public network. You are solely responsible for accessing your coins as Zappex can not control them after delivery.
3.6. The ownership of crypto coins is transferred to the customer upon delivery of these.



4.1. All transactions in the network are final and can not be canceled due to network structure. Therefore, we can not accept the return of coins. However, you can always resell your purchased coins on our website or at other exchanges.
4.2. Please note that we are not required to purchase your purchased coins and we may refuse your offer without indicating any reasons.



5.1. Zappex does not provide financial advice in any form and can not be regarded as a financial adviser, financial broker or investment fund. No content, services or products available on our website or any form of communication may be considered as financial advice or investment recommendation.
5.2. The website only passes on general information. We do not recommend anything available on the website as an investment. It is possible that you may lose some or all of the money you spend on a product available on the website due to price and / or value changes. Therefore, we recommend that you prior to any action regarding your financial situation or investment, or if you are in doubt about one or all of our services, seek prior independent professional advice.



6.1. You are responsible for those of your actions carried out using the website.
6.2. You must act in accordance with the "Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sale of Crypto Coins" and applicable law and refrain from any action that may cause damage to the Website and / or Zappex.
6.3. Zappex is not responsible in case of loss as a result of the fact that, regardless of Zappex's recommendations and your own obligations, you did not familiarize yourself with these terms.
6.4. Zappex is not responsible for an insecure computer and / or your internet connection, malware, phishing, malicious software or other 3rd party services.


7. Prosecutions / venue

A lawsuit against the company must be brought before the court in which the company is established. In consumer agreements, however, at the company's or consumer's jurisdiction.